Interactive Metronome is a technology based program used to help clients improve the human capacities for motor-planning and sequencing. These are crucial parts of normal development and essential components used in sensory integration, as well as basic thinking, organising and co-ordination.

At the core of motor-planning and sequencing is a function of the brain which we don’t often reflect on but has proven to be a vital part of human performance. It is commonly referred to as “rhythm and timing”. Timing rhythmicity can be improved with practise, like every other human function, but a large percentage of children and adults have underlying problems with planning and sequencing and that is why they have difficulties.

Interactive Metronome can be used in two ways…

Clinical studies performed by IM and other researchers show clearly that a deficit in motor planning sequencing is often the leading factor in a variety of developmental and learning difficulties. In other words poor rhythm and timing is commonly associated with difficulties in:

  • attention and concentration
  • motor control and co-ordination
  • balance and gait
  • language and processing
  • control of impulsivity