How Interactive Metronome Helps with Rugby

In the game of rugby there are a variety of attributes that a team member must have in order for the team to have success. Some of the most required skills of a rugby player include speed, focus, mental processing for strategising, balance and of course timing. In South Africa, Rugby is a very popular sport and those involved in it are competitive and want to strive for peak performance. Training and exercise are required, but what about other forms of training that can prepare body and mind for the game and get individuals functioning at their very best?

Interactive Metronome is one of a few alternative remedies that actually work. The process is a form of therapy that requires the individual to carry out certain exercises in response to certain sounds. These exercises are carried out repeatedly and with a certain rhythm at millisecond intervals sometimes. The brains reaction time and how it thinks about it is greatly improved over a relatively short space of time.

The program that is used is very similar to computer or video game. Video and audio are used to create a somewhat fun experience. Of course different exercises can be used to focus on various aspects of the strengths required by a rugby player.

IM helps rugby players in the following ways:

  • Strengthens motor skills
  • Develops cognitive capabilities such as strategising, organising and coordinating
  • Develops better hand eye coordination
  • Improves processing abilities of the brain that affects attention, sequencing and motor planning

At Winning Wayz we assist rugby players to focus their attention on the game, develop their strengths and skills and approach each match or game day with a better approach and determination to succeed. The system that we use is customised to each individual and our therapists will guide you through the process