My son has just blossomed – he is no longer suffering from severe anxiety and does not scratch his hands anymore. This has had a knock on effect of him being able to sleeping better and he is calmer all round.  To our great joy his reading has also improved in leaps and bounds.
Tammy, Mother of 8 year old boy (SID)
Never in my wildest dreams did I believe that my son would make such large strides in his reading for this year. Not only did he achieve his goal for improvement but he surpassed it! Other benefits, like improved self-confidence and better ability to concentrate, were obvious to all.
Ilza, Mother of 10 year old boy (Non-specific LD)
Before the IM program my daughter was very stressed and prone to tantrums and out-bursts. After IM, we have found her much calmer and interactive with the family. Her school results have improved as have her relationships. We are thrilled with the outcomes.
Vicki, Mother of 14 year old girl (Dyslexia)


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