As the summer holidays approach, the world changes for a child with a sensory processing disorder. The type of clothing you wear, the temperature, the foods you eat, your daily schedule, where you play, the list could go on and on. These changes can put sensory kiddo’s over the edge. But, there are things one can do to help!!

Listen to your child when they talk to you about what they do or don’t want to wear – maybe that cute sundress with the tie straps at the shoulders puts your child in sensory overload or, it could be nice and cool so it keeps them at the just right temperature. Also, if your child loves to have their feet covered with their shoes and socks, maybe let go of the idea of them wearing sandals or flip flops. Remember, there is often a good reason that they are unable to convey.
Sensory children make changes more gradually, requiring a lot of work both at home. Their systems can quickly shut down or go over the edge when the type of sensory input is threatening to them. Try to keep some sort of schedule, so they know what to expect on a daily basis, and help them accommodate to new experiences such as the swimming or going the beach by planning it ahead of time.

Many little ones with sensory processing disorders tend to do better with seasonal changes when they train with IM. They appear more regulated, so they are able to “take things in” more instead of flying off the handle when something changes. It is also important not to take a break from their sensory diet activities and choices.
IM is a great treatment tool for those with sensory processing disorders and summertime may just be the right time for them to participate in IM especially when they are not in school. I find that they are more alert, willing to participate and less tired than they are at the end of a school day! This might be your chance to give it a try!