Are you getting older and frustrated at how easy it is becoming to lose your balance and footing? If you find that you lose your balance more frequently these days, don’t fret too much! This is a common problem and you are certainly not alone. More importantly – there are ways in which to combat this problem. Some questions may be playing on your mind and we hope that these FAQ’s can help you understand better:

Q. Why do I lose my balance?

A. You will find that various medical and health professionals will have different theories and all of them can sound legitimate. If we have to think about it logically, the reason why older people find it hard to balance and maintain a firm footing can be due to physical strength, coordination, gait, muscle development and the time it takes for their brain to respond to visual and audio factors. If you stop exercising and strengthening these muscles and skills, you will find it harder to make use of them when they are needed.

Q. How can the problem of imbalance be rectified? 

A. There are numerous things that can be done to help the problem, but these are not exercises or methods that can be carried out once and never again. If you want long lasting affects you are going to have to take the time to repeat exercises and try new ones continuously to ensure progress that is on-going.

Q. What are my options?

A. There are various therapies available on the market and we suggest that you look into the alternative treatments available before you make your final decision. Professional Interactive Metronome therapists at Winning Wayz will be able to assist you with making a choice that is right for you and will help to improve your quality of life.