You have recently had a stroke and the after effects are worrying you! What do you do? What type of recovery period are you faced with? All the questions and concerns can be overwhelming, but we are here to tell you to take a breath and realise that your recovery has already started and there are options available to you to make the process as simple and effective as possible.

Regaining executive function after a stroke is not about the physical development, but rather the recovery of the part of the brain that assists with things like problem solving, organising things, thought process and so on.

Up to 75% of stroke sufferers will have executive function difficulties, so keep in mind that there are many others with the same issues and there is a support system available should you need one. There are various associations and support groups in place that are designed to help you cope with your new condition and how to live a normal and happy life.

You might be worried about what you or a loved one will be faced with directly after a stroke, so we have compiled a list of common problems that you, or your loved one, may experience:

  • Cognitive problems
  • Communicating clearly
  • Depression
  • Tiredness
  • Emotional control problems
  • Impaired vision

While these are some of the problems and challenges that you can expect to have to overcome it is important to remember that there is life after a stroke. Your loved ones and family will be supportive through the process and with a professional therapist on your side you can expect to make progress and add value to your life.

Treatments for recovery often involve exercises that are kept fun and interesting and before you know it you will be regaining executive function after your stroke with each new challenge.