In the sporting world a great deal of attention is paid to reactions, speed, precision and quick thinking. All of these attributes are affected by timing and when it comes to sporting professionals who want to get ahead of the competition, timing is everything.

While in sports physical strength is very important, so is the mental aspect. In order to play the game, your head has to be in it, and this is where Interactive Metronome becomes useful to those who want to train for peak performance in their chosen sport. This type of therapy or training requires individuals to have a physical reaction to a sound. This audio and response system ensures that the body can improve on its reaction to certain factors, thus improving on quick thinking, speed, response and so on.

Sporting professionals who play golf, soccer, hockey and many more swear by this therapy as they have seen phenomenal results after their first few sessions. Regardless of age or the type of sport you play; there can be exercises created that can help you to better your skills. On a note of extra interest, it is not just training that this type of therapy can assist with. Those who have suffered a sports injury can also benefit from this form of therapy / training. The process works on the same principle – timing in the brain. By repeating exercises and responses to certain sounds, you can retrain your body to react to sounds etc.

Main benefits of this process for sports enthusiasts include:

  • Visual-motor skills
  • Co-ordination
  • Motor control
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Strategising

At Winning Wayz we encourage all those who want to get ahead of the competition and are ready to train for peak performance to be in touch with us. Our therapy sessions are designed to meet the needs of the individual and you should start to see the results / effects soon after therapy is begun.