Do you feel panicked at the idea of your child potentially suffering from Dyslexia? Don’t worry if you do – you are not alone. Parents all around the world are faced with the same fears and these fears are generally as a result of not actually understanding the disorder. Dyslexia, despite popular misinformation, is not an indication of a person’s intelligence. It is a disorder that involves a person finding it difficult to read or make sense of it immediately.

People who have Dyslexia also find it hard to interpret some of the words and letters that they read. Why do some people have this disorder and live with it? It is all about how it is approached and how learning and teaching is done. How someone learns and concentrates can affect how they read and remember things and it is a proven fact that those who are able to focus on a subject with no external disruption are those who will retain the information better.

If your child has Dyslexia there is every reason to believe that he or she can learn to read effectively. Professional educators know that there are 3 things that a student needs to be able to do effectively in order to learn. If a child is able to do these things then you are on the road to success:

  • Retain information in their active working memory
  • Update existing information with new information as it is needed
  • Direct their own attention to the task at hand instead of other things

It is important to remember that your child will need understanding teachers who will have experience in dealing with children who suffer from this disorder. Making the lessons that help teach your child fun and interactive is known to be the best way to get them interested and learning. Fun exercises that are changed regularly and kept up will make it easier for your child to learn to read, associate words and meanings and feel like they are making progress.

As a parent you will want to do anything possible to help your child to lead a normal life and we are here to tell you that that is definitely possible! Let the Winning Wayz team help!