Charles, a 10-year-old boy, was battling with Reading Fluency & Self-Esteem. His parents were referred for speech therapy and then IM because of his low grades at school. He especially struggled in maths, and didn’t like to read at all! Charles was extremely motivated from the very beginning of his IM sessions. He set himself personal goals as well as achieving great scores on the IM training Program. As treatment progressed, his therapist commented that she witnessed a teenage boy go from a state of introversion to someone who would smile, talk and thoroughly enjoy his sessions. His mother saw changes not only in his self-esteem but by the time Charles had finished IM he was reading more fluently; his grades had improved and he was enjoying life in general. Both Charles and his mother could not express in words how thankful they were for the IM program. As for his goal to play a sport, he was very excited to be in the Tennis team this term!


IM Helped 14-yr-old Candice gain self-confidence & improved concentration. Candice was very extremely shy with low self-esteem who had been diagnosed with an unspecified learning disability. She was failing all her classes and hated going to school. Her mother noted that she was sad, had a lack of direction and was generally unmotivated. When she heard about IM she signed her up immediately. Candice began the program and tried her best in each session to make good scores. After a short while her therapist noted that Candice was starting to come out of her shell; she was making much more consistent eye contact and really enjoyed her sessions. At home, Candice’s mom noticed improvements too; she did her homework without being told, and even started reading in her free time. Candice proudly passed the ninth grade and is now noticeably more self-assured and confident.