In 2001 IM developed a new training regimen that was specifically designed for performance applications. Today, top athletes, institutions, schools and provincial players are looking at the benefits of this training. The program trains the brain to strengthen mind/muscle connections. Auditory guide sounds and interactive exercises help athletes progressively improve their timing, focus and mental processing speed. This patented program also allows athletes to track their individual performance through a scoring system. Athletes of all levels can use IM to gain the mental advantage needed for today’s competitive sports.

IM trains athletes of all disciplines to reduce mental interference and use the mind to achieve their full potential. IM not only improves the mental game but can lead to:

  • Improved attention and concentration
  • Improved decision making during play
  • Increased confidence, stamina and endurance
  • Increased accessibility to a relaxed focus state of play – e.g. accessing “The Zone”
  • Decreased impulsivity and ability to control emotions
  • Decreased injury recovery period
“The Interactive Metronome is the hottest piece of workout equipment on the (PGA) tour.”
Scott Riehl, Golf Digest
“IM training may unravel the mystery of timing and rhythm and their effects on human performance… The application of IM to the athletic world is likely will have a revolutionary impact.”
Sports Medicine Update
“The best of the best are the ones who do their sharpest thinking when there’s no time to think. Mental speed is not only preferable in sports, it’s essential!”
Tim Keown, ESPN Magazine