Failure may disappoint and hurt a child with ADHD, but it shouldn’t devastate him. His self-esteem takes a hit because he interprets each negative experience as further proof that he is a “loser.” The following words can be for any child but those with ADHD are far less resilient and struggle to contain their emotions.

  1. Very successful people fail sometimes — some of them fail a lot. Thomas Edison made 3,000 attempts before creating a light bulb that worked! Do we call Edison a failure? Of course, not. We call him a brilliant inventor. Help them to think of someone they know who preserves in spite pf difficulties
  2. Every failure can teach us something important. Help them to look for a positive, even a small one e.g. “what part did I do well?” or “what did I notice that I can use next-time?”– it is a wonderful mindset to take through life.
  3. Even though you fail at something, you are not a failure. You’re still a good person. Let’s think about all the good things you do and have done.
  4. We can succeed only if we’re willing to take risks and work hard. If you want to win the race, you have to enter the race and train to be a good runner. Winners don’t have a guarantee that they will win every race, but the chance that they will makes it worth it. Help them to think of a person they admire who has gotten up after losing, again and again.