Interactive metronome is a form of therapy that can help to improve the golf game of the amateur and the pro! This therapy is certainly not new to the sporting world and many people are already benefiting from participating in sessions. Passionate sports men and women are always looking for ways in which to improve on their skills, and we have the answer!

Interactive metronome affects the neural pathways in your brain, and your central nervous system. It is a therapy that is designed to improve on certain aspects that are key elements in a good game of golf. These include decision-making, attention, concentration, coordination, rhythm, timing, sequencing and so on. Those who undergo this therapy will need to perform a variety of physical and audio exercises that will develop on the above-mentioned skills.

There are a few tests that have been carried out that prove that golfers have achieved greater accuracy when participating in Interactive metronome therapy. Many golfers who were first sceptics have since become involved and benefited from the positive results of this coordination therapy that seems to be making waves in the sporting industry. The fact of the matter is, this therapy can be used to improve on many sportsmen and women’s skills and can improve their game quite effectively.

Synchronised hand and foot exercises are presented via a computer-generated system to the patient who must then match them with reference tones which they can hear through head phones. The repetitive motions and actions are recorded and this is later used to show how an individual has progressed.

If you are passionate about golf and want to ensure that you are the very best that you can possibly be on the course then waste no more time. Consider your various options and get signed up for Interactive metronome therapy without delay.