As an athlete preparing for the Cape Argus Cycle Tour you are probably focused on strength, durability, time results and much more. Cyclists from across the globe are gearing up for one of the world’s largest timed cycle races and much excitement is usually mixed with nervousness and a fear of not doing well. If you would like to improve on your tour results then why not focus some of your attention on your rhythm and timing, much like what is done with Interactive Metronome therapy.

This type of training involves rhythm and timing to train the brain to strengthen the connections that exist between mind and muscles of the body. Timing, mental processing speed and focus are all developed when this type of training is used and these are all aspects imperative to having a good race and experiencing great end results. Mental interference is easier to eliminate if you have learned to focus and trained the brain and body to interact well with each other.

The saying “get your head in the game” is often used in sporting situations, and couldn’t be truer! Without being mentally involved as well as physically strong and trained, you won’t do as well as you anticipate.

Many leading sports teams and top athletes across the globe are incorporating auditory guide sounds and various interactive exercises to prepare for sporting events and matches / races. A well-designed scoring system can be used to track your performance and results so that you are completely in control of how you progress along the way. This type of training could give you the mental advantage you need to take your results from acceptable or good, to phenomenal.

Athletes, cyclists and sporting enthusiasts need to be confident and able to endure the unexpected conditions and situations thrown at them. Decisions need to be made quickly with the attention and concentration needs to be uncompromised. At Winning Wayz professionals in the field work hard to assist individuals to reach their full potential and advise that rhythm and timing training can help with improving on your cycle tour results.