Nothing can be more heart breaking than realising that your child has low self-esteem or is lacking confidence. Unfortunately many parents have to watch this and it can have quite a negative impact on your child’s life. If you are reading this blog then chances are that you have decided that the time to act is now. Taking steps to improve on your child’s confidence and self-esteem is a great way to ensure that they can grow and develop into the strong, confident and powerful little humans that they are destined to be.

Kids who know what their skills are and feel empowered are often able to better handle conflicts, challenges and disappointments in their lives. The “get up and go” approach that most kids have requires good self-esteem and belief in themselves. Being optimistic and realistic is something that we all want our children to be.

If you aren’t entirely sure if your child is lacking confidence or has low self-esteem, we have put a few pointers or signs together that you can look out for:

  • Your child seems anxious or frustrated in certain situations.
  • Your child cannot find solutions to problems or doesn’t seem to believe that he or she can.
  • Your child’s immediate response to a new or challenging situation is “I can’t”.
  • Your child appears to be depressed or withdrawn around other children.

These are a few signs that you should look out for. The best time to try and assist your child is now. Instilling a sense of self-worth and belonging is important if you want your child to reach adulthood fully developed, happy and balanced. Unfortunately it is a lot harder to become confident and have good self- esteem when you are older.


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