Get Ahead of the Competition – Train Now for Peak Performance

In the sporting world a great deal of attention is paid to reactions, speed, precision and quick thinking. All of these attributes are affected by timing and when it comes to sporting professionals who want to get ahead of the competition, timing is everything.

While in sports physical strength is very important, so is the mental aspect. In order to play the game, your head has to be in it, and this is where Interactive Metronome becomes useful to those who want to train for peak performance in their chosen sport. This type of therapy or training requires individuals to have a physical reaction to a sound. This audio and response system ensures that the body can improve on its reaction to certain factors, thus improving on quick thinking, speed, response and so on.

Sporting professionals who play golf, soccer, hockey and many more swear by this therapy as they have seen phenomenal results after their first few sessions. Regardless of age or the type of sport you play; there can be exercises created that can help you to better your skills. On a note of extra interest, it is not just training that this type of therapy can assist with. Those who have suffered a sports injury can also benefit from this form of therapy / training. The process works on the same principle – timing in the brain. By repeating exercises and responses to certain sounds, you can retrain your body to react to sounds etc.

Main benefits of this process for sports enthusiasts include:

  • Visual-motor skills
  • Co-ordination
  • Motor control
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Strategising

At Winning Wayz we encourage all those who want to get ahead of the competition and are ready to train for peak performance to be in touch with us. Our therapy sessions are designed to meet the needs of the individual and you should start to see the results / effects soon after therapy is begun.

How Interactive Metronome Helps with Rugby

In the game of rugby there are a variety of attributes that a team member must have in order for the team to have success. Some of the most required skills of a rugby player include speed, focus, mental processing for strategising, balance and of course timing. In South Africa, Rugby is a very popular sport and those involved in it are competitive and want to strive for peak performance. Training and exercise are required, but what about other forms of training that can prepare body and mind for the game and get individuals functioning at their very best?

Interactive Metronome is one of a few alternative remedies that actually work. The process is a form of therapy that requires the individual to carry out certain exercises in response to certain sounds. These exercises are carried out repeatedly and with a certain rhythm at millisecond intervals sometimes. The brains reaction time and how it thinks about it is greatly improved over a relatively short space of time.

The program that is used is very similar to computer or video game. Video and audio are used to create a somewhat fun experience. Of course different exercises can be used to focus on various aspects of the strengths required by a rugby player.

IM helps rugby players in the following ways:

  • Strengthens motor skills
  • Develops cognitive capabilities such as strategising, organising and coordinating
  • Develops better hand eye coordination
  • Improves processing abilities of the brain that affects attention, sequencing and motor planning

At Winning Wayz we assist rugby players to focus their attention on the game, develop their strengths and skills and approach each match or game day with a better approach and determination to succeed. The system that we use is customised to each individual and our therapists will guide you through the process

Sports Injuries – Recover Faster, Heal Easier

If you are a sports enthusiast then you are probably aware of just how much an injury can set you back. Recovering from an injury can have you out of the game for any extended period of time and even after you have healed; your skills or technique may not be the same. Of course it all depends on how much effort you put into recovery and if you want to ensure that you heal faster and recover easier, it is imperative that you have a good strategy or plan in place.

Interactive Metronome is one of a few leading remedies not just ideal for sports injuries, but also for assisting people with learning disabilities to overcome certain difficulties. Sports professionals in golf, hockey, soccer and similar often make use of this therapy when it comes to recovery and healing.

You may be wondering what exactly is involved in this type of therapy? Those who participate in this therapy will not be expected to do any extreme activities. The process involves resetting or working with your brains internal “clock”. Just like most things in life, timing is everything! The timing in the brain can affect how you sleep, concentrate, remember, comprehend and manage your motor skills co-ordination. An audiovisual platform is used where patients must complete a series of exercises or tasks based on sounds and timing. This promotes better timing between brain and physical reaction.

How does this work when it comes to recovery and healing from sports injuries? In short, IM helps the body to respond quicker to outputs which encourages strengthening and healing. Professionals in the industry work closely with sports professionals and enthusiasts to ensure that their recovery is swift and the positive effects are long lasting. In many ways, this form of therapy is just as effective as physical therapy after a sports related injury.

At Winning Wayz our therapists encourage sports professionals to take the time to discover just how effective this form of therapy is. Those who want to heal faster and recover easier need only to ask us how.

How Interactive Metronome Improves Your Golf Game

Interactive metronome is a form of therapy that can help to improve the golf game of the amateur and the pro! This therapy is certainly not new to the sporting world and many people are already benefiting from participating in sessions. Passionate sports men and women are always looking for ways in which to improve on their skills, and we have the answer!

Interactive metronome affects the neural pathways in your brain, and your central nervous system. It is a therapy that is designed to improve on certain aspects that are key elements in a good game of golf. These include decision-making, attention, concentration, coordination, rhythm, timing, sequencing and so on. Those who undergo this therapy will need to perform a variety of physical and audio exercises that will develop on the above-mentioned skills.

There are a few tests that have been carried out that prove that golfers have achieved greater accuracy when participating in Interactive metronome therapy. Many golfers who were first sceptics have since become involved and benefited from the positive results of this coordination therapy that seems to be making waves in the sporting industry. The fact of the matter is, this therapy can be used to improve on many sportsmen and women’s skills and can improve their game quite effectively.

Synchronised hand and foot exercises are presented via a computer-generated system to the patient who must then match them with reference tones which they can hear through head phones. The repetitive motions and actions are recorded and this is later used to show how an individual has progressed.

If you are passionate about golf and want to ensure that you are the very best that you can possibly be on the course then waste no more time. Consider your various options and get signed up for Interactive metronome therapy without delay.

5 Ways to Improve Your Performance in Sport

What many people don’t realise is that sporting ability comes down to hand-eye coordination and the ability to concentrate and react correctly. While people believe that practice makes perfect, there are other ways in which you can improve your performance at your chosen sport.

Being part of a team can be fun and a great way to relax and de-stress for both adults and children. It is always encouraged that you are part of a sport or activity that can get you fit, active and feeling good about yourself. Unfortunately there may be times when we need a little help along the way, especially if we find we are struggling with performance or similar.

Below are 5 great ways to improve sport performance:

  • Ensure that you are following a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Participate in some great alternative therapies that promote concentrate and co-ordination such as Interactive Metronome.
  • Take the time to practice each day, even if you only have a few minutes available. While doing so, focus your complete attention on the activity.
  • Get enough sleep and try to reduce stress. Sports performance can take a dip if you are under a lot of stress.
  • Don’t give up! Giving up on yourself and your abilities can have a seriously negative impact on your performance. If you are struggling with something, keep practicing and investigate ways in which you could achieve better results, without giving up.

Many children and adults require some assistance with their coordination skills, thought processing patterns, reactions and concentration – and this is nothing to be ashamed of. By taking the time to calmly address any performance issues that you might have, you have the best chance to overcome them and improve on your overall performance greatly.