A Happy Parent Makes A Happy Child

That is so easy to say but at some points in life, it’s not possible — or at least not easy — to feel happy. However, even at those times it is possible to feel happier. By taking whatever steps you can manage to give yourself a happiness boost, you give yourself a deeper reservoir to […]

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For a healthy brain, Enjoying a laugh with your kids

For a healthy brain, Enjoying a laugh
A sense of humour is the ability to understand humour and/or appreciate a joke. A person with a well-developed sense of humour can recognise what’s funny in others and in life. Joking around with your kids can help their brain develop this essential, important skill.

Making, telling and laughing at jokes helps kids appreciate […]

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Parents of children with ADHD

Parents often feel sorry for their child with ADHD (and for themselves), but these fleeting moments of pity usually come after a particularly difficult morning! However, one usually recovers from the pity party pretty quickly, because the truth is, if he didn’t have ADHD, he wouldn’t be himself! ADHD is as much a part of […]

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How Interactive Metronome Helps with Rugby

In the game of rugby there are a variety of attributes that a team member must have in order for the team to have success. Some of the most required skills of a rugby player include speed, focus, mental processing for strategising, balance and of course timing. In South Africa, Rugby is a very popular […]

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Learn to filter out internal and external distractions

Learning disabilities and difficulties can be quite a challenge to overcome, but they can be worked with. Someone who struggles to concentrate and learn should not feel that all hope is lost. If you have a child that seems to be struggling to learn, then understand that you have options. By participating in Interactive Metronome […]

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How to Treat a Child with ADD or ADHD

There’s a great deal more to understanding and knowing how to treat a child with ADD or ADHD than you would initially think. While some parents might believe that taking medication is the best and only method to try, there are various other non-chemical approaches that one can consider. While there is no actual cure […]

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How to Treat an Adult with ADD or ADHD

Being an adult with ADD or ADHD can be quite a challenge. While this particular problem is common amongst children, some adults do also suffer from it. Some of the symptoms that an adult sufferer will experience include lack of concentration, being disorganised, being forgetful and overwhelmed by responsibilities and so on. This can actually […]

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