IM Training Sets the Stage for Success

Learn how Brian got back to acting, and not just acting out.
Brian is the youngest of three children and lives at home with his mother, father and two older siblings. He is seven years old. His parents reported that Brian was delivered full-term; however, he was born with Transient Tachypnea of the Newborn (TTN) causing […]

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Bringing Joy Back Into Childhood

Kevin is a 3 and a half year old little boy who was born premature and demonstrates developmental delays. He attends a developmental preschool and receives occupational, physical and speech therapy. Kevin is non-verbal and communicates through facial expressions, vocalizations and crying. Kevin made fleeting eye contact and was easily overwhelmed with his classroom environment, […]

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Get ADHD children to play outdoors more!

Can you remember playing outside as a kid? A time to run around and let loose, play with your friends and explore! You may remember walking or riding to school and making up all kinds of imaginative games on the greenbelt or in your back yard. Well, that doesn’t happen much anymore.

Today, children suffer from nature-deficit which […]

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Help Your ADHD Child Deal With Perceived Failures

Failure may disappoint and hurt a child with ADHD, but it shouldn’t devastate him. His self-esteem takes a hit because he interprets each negative experience as further proof that he is a “loser.” The following words can be for any child but those with ADHD are far less resilient and struggle to contain their emotions.

Very […]

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Parents of children with ADHD

Parents often feel sorry for their child with ADHD (and for themselves), but these fleeting moments of pity usually come after a particularly difficult morning! However, one usually recovers from the pity party pretty quickly, because the truth is, if he didn’t have ADHD, he wouldn’t be himself! ADHD is as much a part of […]

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6 Study Tips for ADHD Students

Doing homework and studying with ADD/ADHD can be more manageable when your child embraces techniques that help him to keep his mind focused on the task at hand. Traditional study methods of long study sessions and sitting at desks can have your child spending more time distracted than productive. That leaves no one happy and […]

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Giving your special-needs child the attention she requires

Do you concentrate on the positive in your child – traits like boundless energy, creative thinking and a giftedness with people? Do you praise your child and tell her that as a result of these traits she is going to go further in certain fields and types of work than other people who are quieter […]

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