Learn to filter out internal and external distractions

Learning disabilities and difficulties can be quite a challenge to overcome, but they can be worked with. Someone who struggles to concentrate and learn should not feel that all hope is lost. If you have a child that seems to be struggling to learn, then understand that you have options. By participating in Interactive Metronome […]

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How to Treat a Child with ADD or ADHD

There’s a great deal more to understanding and knowing how to treat a child with ADD or ADHD than you would initially think. While some parents might believe that taking medication is the best and only method to try, there are various other non-chemical approaches that one can consider. While there is no actual cure […]

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How Interactive Metronome Improves Your Golf Game

Interactive metronome is a form of therapy that can help to improve the golf game of the amateur and the pro! This therapy is certainly not new to the sporting world and many people are already benefiting from participating in sessions. Passionate sports men and women are always looking for ways in which to improve […]

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5 Ways to Improve Your Performance in Sport

What many people don’t realise is that sporting ability comes down to hand-eye coordination and the ability to concentrate and react correctly. While people believe that practice makes perfect, there are other ways in which you can improve your performance at your chosen sport.

Being part of a team can be fun and a great way […]

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How to Treat an Adult with ADD or ADHD

Being an adult with ADD or ADHD can be quite a challenge. While this particular problem is common amongst children, some adults do also suffer from it. Some of the symptoms that an adult sufferer will experience include lack of concentration, being disorganised, being forgetful and overwhelmed by responsibilities and so on. This can actually […]

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Rhythm and Timing – Improve Your Cape Argus Cycle Tour Results

As an athlete preparing for the Cape Argus Cycle Tour you are probably focused on strength, durability, time results and much more. Cyclists from across the globe are gearing up for one of the world’s largest timed cycle races and much excitement is usually mixed with nervousness and a fear of not doing well. If […]

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How do I Exercise My Brain?

Everyone wants to be sharp, alert and with brainpower that is available on command. The brain is just like every other part of your body – if you don’t exercise it, it gets out of shape. Many people believe that there are forms of exercise that you can do, and there are!

Interactive Metronome is one […]

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Early Intervention and School Readiness

Starting school for the first time can be an overwhelming experience for a child. Many children are not sure how to behave, don’t know how to concentrate or pay attention and many may even appear to act out or seem unable to absorb the lessons being presented to them. If your child is reaching school […]

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Brain Exercise for Positive Developmental Change!

Have you ever heard the saying that “timing is everything”? Well, it’s true! Timing is very important in our daily lives. It is important for work and for play. When it comes to sports men and women and even bodybuilders, time and actual exercise (practice) play very important roles.

If you want to improve on strength […]

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Take the Guesswork Out of ADD and ADHD with Interactive Metronome

As a parent, having a child with ADD or ADHD can be a scary concept. You may not understand what either really is, or you might not know how to handle it. There are many who think that children with ADD or ADHD are “sufferers” and this does not need to be the case.

As with […]

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