On Saturday, 28 March, Winning Wayz will have a presence in the Constantia Village shopping centre, just in front of Pick n Pay. We would like to invite all our former customers and their interested friends, family and children to come and say ‘hi!’ at our stand.

Following the success of Interactive Metronome (IM) therapy for children with a wide range of learning disorders, and its popularity on radio stations like Cape Talk (Pippa Hudson’s show) and 2OceansVibe (Bailey Schneider’s show), we decided to bring the information to local shoppers in Constantia Village.

At the Winning Wayz stand, you’ll be able to watch YouTube clips of IM therapy in action, witness it’s many applications (from tackling learning disorders to assisting with academic focus and peak performance in sport), try out the IM games to gauge your score (there’s always room for improvement!) and pick up brochures and stationery gifts for your kids, while you chat to the team about any concerns you may have about their ability to concentrate in class and achieve according to their IQ.

This is the time of year – when Grade 1s have just started school and older children have recently returned after the holidays – to address any concentration or milestone-related troubles in school-age children. According to Sandy George, familiar to her clients as a certified IM therapist and who will be available at the stand to address any questions: “If you’re looking for a scientifically proven way to help your child be their best academically, socially and athletically, it’s about time… Or, more specifically, timing, with the use of IM therapy.”

See what others are saying

“My son has just blossomed – he is no longer suffering from severe anxiety and does not scratch his hands anymore. This has had a knock-on effect of him being able to sleep better and so he is calmer all round. To our great joy, his reading has also improved in leaps and bounds.” – Tammy, mother of an eight-year-old boy (sensory integration disorder)

“Never in my wildest dreams did I believe that my son would make such large strides over this past year in his reading. Not only did he achieve his goal for improvement, but he in fact surpassed it! Other benefits, like improved self-confidence and better ability to concentrate, were obvious to all.” – Ilza, mother of a 10-year-old boy (non-specific learning disorder)

“Before the IM programme, my daughter was very stressed, and prone to tantrums and out-bursts. After IM, we have found her much calmer and more interactive with the family. Her school results have improved, as have her relationships. We are thrilled with the outcome.” – Vicki, mother of a 14-year-old girl (dyslexia)

About Winning Wayz
Winning Wayz consists of the dynamic team of Sandy George (IM practitioner, with a special interest in children and teens with learning/attention difficulties) and James Thorburn (ADHD entrepreneur, who focuses his research on the neuroscience of performance). IM trains the brain to plan, sequence and process information more effectively, leading to outcomes that have exceeded traditional clinical expectations in such cases.

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