There’s a great deal more to understanding and knowing how to treat a child with ADD or ADHD than you would initially think. While some parents might believe that taking medication is the best and only method to try, there are various other non-chemical approaches that one can consider. While there is no actual cure you can do a great deal to help ease your child into a more structured and disciplined lifestyle.

Some methods to try and incorporate into your child’s life are as follows (it is best to apply this to the whole family):

  • Balanced and nutritional meals on a daily basis.
  • Set times for play and exercise.
  • Spend time working on social skills.
  • Seek out training or interactive programs that can teach your child new ways to concentrate and focus.

These methods can help to eliminate stress and frustration from your child’s life and can greatly improve his or her interaction with others and participation at school and in social settings.

Many studies have shown that the treatment of ADD and ADHD starts at home. By incorporating activities to keep your child busy, occupied and interested you can eliminate a great deal of frustration that they often experience. This is a common symptom of ADHD and ADD. It goes without saying that it is not an easy condition to deal with and with daily dedication you can achieve a more structured lifestyle that is beneficial to you and your child.

Professionals and experts in the field have focused some attention on Interactive Metronome being a great alternative treatment for ADD and ADHD in children as well as a whole host of other conditions. This type of therapy involves a variety of auditory sound and interactive exercises which are both fun and rewarding for children. If you are still set on making use of medication, know that this form of therapy can work quite well in conjunction.