Winning Wayz is a dynamic team headed up by Sandy George who is no ordinary therapist. Sandy is qualified in the field of Interactive Metronome Therapy and spends her time passionately working towards solutions for children and teens suffering from learning and attention difficulties. While at work she takes the time to help others understand that the brain requires timing in order for learning and education to be easy, and with the solid foundation she helps children and teens gain, she is able to assist them to build new skills and achieve their objectives.

It goes without saying that many parents are thankful for Sandy’s work as their children prosper and grow with new found confidence and determination. Interactive Metronome is a therapy that can be customised to the needs of the individual which means that while it is aimed generally at children and teens, it can be highly beneficial to adults too. By fine tuning the brain’s internal clock (helping people to process and think about things differently) this form of therapy can help the brain learn things it would have otherwise rejected. The team at Winning Wayz is there to help “train the brain” to do things a little differently so that that those undergoing therapy can have the opportunity to live a normal and unaffected life, even if they have a condition.

What cac Winning Wayz offer?

The answer is simple: A noticeable improvement in body awareness, posture, noise tolerance and motor skills.

What is actually involved?

A combination of auditory guidance and various exercises are carried out. There is no strenuous physical exercise involved and activities are suitable for various ages.

From humble beginnings Winning Wayz has grown from strength to strength. Sandy is standing by to answer any questions and concerns that you may have.