Doing homework and studying with ADD/ADHD can be more manageable when your child embraces techniques that help him to keep his mind focused on the task at hand. Traditional study methods of long study sessions and sitting at desks can have your child spending more time distracted than productive. That leaves no one happy and everyone frustrated.

Here are a few tips that will help to make homework/study easier:

  1. Move around: – having your child walk around while studying can help him to focus better.
  2. Speak out-loud: – When your child studies aloud, then her mind is more actively engaging with the material which means that it is harder for her mind to wander from what she is studying.
  3. Fidget: It is hard for students with ADD/ADHD to concentrate for long periods of time without moving around while learning. “Fidget tools” such as stress balls made with sand filled balloons, unfilled balloons, smooth rocks, or pliable wax should be kept on the desk for them to “fiddle with” with whenever they want to. I find “OT putty really hits the spot for these children. This can be sourced from: Hi-Tech, Montague Gardens, Tel 021 555 3913
  4. Change position: Even while remaining sitting, have your child sit in different positions. Sitting disks or exercise balls allow your child to move around while remaining sitting and the movements are more natural and less distracting than standing up to readjust.
  5. Work in increments: Studying in short bursts can help your child to be more productive at shorter time increments.
  6. Change subjects frequently: Have your child move onto the next subject as soon as he becomes easily distracted with one subject. This way your child can continue to engage with the schoolwork instead of being distracted.

While focusing on uninteresting topics can be torture for anyone, embracing ADD/ADHD study methods can make homework and studying easier and more enjoyable for all of us who struggle to concentrate.

If you think your child requires additional assistance with attention and concentration we are here to help with INTERACTIVE METRONOME